^Fan of donuts—not sports (please don’t try to talk to me about football).


Brand Strategist & Copywriter with 6+ years of experience.

Currently spending my days leading strategy at Ludlow Kingsley on Sunset Blvd.

Agencies I’ve worked with include Colony, Kati Forner, Studio Science, Plastic Palmtree, Los York, Dispatch, and DeveloperTown.

For availability please email annakatehartwick@gmail.com




A lot of effort goes on behind the scenes of the fun snippets you see in my portfolio. If you’re interested in reading some of my research work or brand strategy decks, they are available upon request.

Lead in-depth research initiatives by planning, conducting, and synthesizing through a variety of methods:
• Analyze industry landscape
• Create in-depth competitive analysis
• Conduct interviews with customers and stakeholders
• Lead design research initiatives
• Produce extensive research reports

Collaborate with designers, developers, and other creatives to ensure a cohesive brand strategy:
• Establish a deep understanding of business objectives and customer insights
• Identify new opportunities to use content to solve business problems
• Develop original brand strategy perspectives
• Create effective voice / tone guidelines
• Produce powerful marketing and campaign strategies

Create effective, technically sound messaging across a variety of forms and channels:
• Website copy
• Product copy
• Research & discovery reports
• App copy
• Voice & tone standards
• Brand guidelines
• Pitch presentations
• Taglines
• Marketing campaigns
• Product video scripts
• Advertising video scripts
• Sales presentations
• Social media campaigns
• Environment branding moments



For freelance requests please email annakatehartwick@gmail.com

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